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Change Team: 

Hover over Choose Team under the 2023 Season tab (above and to the right) and select a specific team to see its info. Teams include the following…

  • Full Team: Viewing this team will allow you to see a full team roster (must be logged in) and the schedule for things that only apply to the whole team such as: Meets, Champs, Show, Events, Practice Cancellations, etc. Novice/Intermediate practice schedules will NOT appear here.
  • Novice & Intermediate Teams: Viewing either of these teams will allow you to see the Novice or Intermediate rosters (must be logged in) and the schedule of events that apply to either just the Novice or just the Intermediates. This will NOT include meets, practice cancellations, events, etc. This is Novice or Intermediate practices only. For Full Team scheduled items such as meets, practice cancellations and events.
  • Routine Teams: Once routines have been assigned for the season, individual routines will also appear under the Choose Team drop down. Viewing any of the individual routines will allow you to see that routine’s roster and the specific practice schedule for that routine.

Once you have selected a team, you will land on that team's home page (which is where you are now if you're reading this). Not much info is available on the main page for a team, but if you hover over the 2023 Season tab again, you will see you can now select different items that apply to the team you selected: Contacts, Schedule, Roster, and Results (more on Multi-Schedule later).

  • The Contacts page for a team will show you that routine/team’s coach information if coaches have chosen to make that available.
  • The Schedule page for a team will show you the practice schedule for that specific routine/team.
  • The Roster page for a team will show the swimmers associated with that routine/team.
  • The Results page will not be used.



You will find it by hovering over the 2023 Season tab again.

Here you can select to view multiple schedules at once. For example, you can select Full Team as well as Novice or Intermediate, and the name of a swimmer's routine (once available) and then click Submit at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to see the practice schedule, meets, events, and the routine practice schedule for the routine you selected.

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